SHPRK started with new project: “Functional analysis of municipal and MESP capacities for the implementation of the Law on Treatment of Constructions Without Permit” the project is supported by USAID – PFD

For this functional analysis, SHPRK devoted a good part of the project to discovering best practices that were effective during the implementation of the first phase of legalization under the previous law, which identified and registered over 352,000 unpermitted constructions. These good practices, combined with an analysis of what will be needed under the terms of the new law, can be now be used by officials in all levels of government for the successful implementation of the next legalization phase as set forth in the anticipated new law.

The methodology used in this analysis is based on interviews, questionnaires, close-group meetings (focus groups) as well as organization of workshops involving all stakeholder groups.
The purpose of the report is to come to a definite conclusion on whether the abovementioned institutions have sufficient professional and technical capacity to implement the Law on Treatment of Unlicensed Constructions. Apart from assisting the Municipalities of Prishtinë / Priština and Graçanicë /Gračanica and MESP, this report will also serve as a guideline for the decision makers in other central level institutions and all municipalities involved in the implementation of the Law.
We hope that this report will be a practical guide for all stakeholders to prepare for the successful implementation of this important and transformative process.

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