Property Rights of the RAE community in Gracanica Municipality, funded by Netherlands Embassy In Prishtina

2 educational workshops with RAE community held on property rights and rights on social housing.

Individual counseling, visits to houses and social apartments. where SHPRK will collect and copy all property documents from property right holders (PRH).

Representation of three property disputes (cases from RM), before the court.

Database created to be a point of reference for any interested organization.

Organize roundtable discussions and raise awareness among all stakeholders about relevant legal issues.

Through this project the main objective was to raise the awareness, through educational component, among the RAE community on their property rights in the houses or apartments where they are living now. The other specific objective was to show and demonstrate to the RAE community that they can solve their property rights in the institutional way, which means that they have to prepare the case for the court and follow the steps foreseen by Law. SHPRK represented 4 cases in the Municipal Court, and all of them were successfully resolved.