Administrative and Legal Assistance for displaced persons in Montenegro to Kosovo Property Agency Claimants and other Parties

The main goal of the project is to provide timely assistance to the claimants and other parties involved into HPD/KPA claims processing.
The claimants and other parties have a right to be informed by the KPA of the adjudication process and decisions taken related to their properties located in the territory of Kosovo. Given that approximately 600 claimants (451 claims from Serbs, 95 from RAE community, 48 from BoĆĄnjak community, 4 from Goran community, and 2 from Albanians) who still hold the citizenship of Kosovo have fled and currently are living in the territory Montenegro, HPD/KPA had faced serious issued related to the delivery of correspondence between Kosovo and Montenegro. Due to lack of finances and undeveloped postal systems both in Kosovo and Montenegro, the KPA failed for a number of times to deliver the necessary documents. Such issued seriously disrupt the implementation of HPD/KPA decisions and, as a consequence, the rights of the claimants and other related parties.