New SHPRK project: You can Provide Shelter too!

Homelessness is a very large problem that Kosovo has come to face with. Therefore, should be acknowledged and treated adequately. Is outrageous that an overall statistic shows over 17.000 families have not adequate shelter. Therefore, our organization Social Housing and Property Rights in Kosovo (SHPRK) intent to provide as well as to ensure 100 families a sufficient accommodation during the winter season, to reduce their concern about living conditions. The motto of our project is “You can provide shelter too”. The project is supported by government as well as business institutions. However, the Board will come with new initiative is needed. The total amount that should  be collected for the project is 45.000Euro.To make more comprehensible every family necessitate, 450 Euro are essential to pay the rent for three months.

Our campaign is going to be supported by businesses in two methods.         Campaign has printed stickers which will be distributed to production companies; hence, they may promote themselves as well as their products. These packages are going to be sold for reasonable price. Business markets are going to sell the stickers to their customers for amount of 50 cent and metallic pins for 1 euro. The sell will be reordered on the fiscal coupon and the business will not be charged with VAT. Furthermore, all the staff involved into the project will work voluntarily and with no per diem. The campaign has planned colorful activities including promotions on Tv, Radio, Magazines etc. Everyone can who donate 450Euro will be invited to be part of Board.  Monitoring is going to be carried out by the People’s Advocate Institution, whereas the audit by ACA company.

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