“Housing for All “campaign of ‘Housing Europe’

On 3 October 2016, at Hotel Tirana International was held the conference ‘Housing for All’ campaign of ‘Housing Europe’, to discuss the role of Housing Organizations from South to North Europe.
Part of the conference was Mr. Agron Beka, the executive director of ‘Social Housing and Property Rights in Kosovo’ as a person who has a lot of experience in Housing and might bring his experience in Albania too.
The conference was planned in two parts. The first was concentrated on policies and actions needed at national and international levels to address housing problems. The second part will be conducted in a form of workshops and will address particular subjects with interest for the National Housing Agency of Albania and more broadly for countries that are looking to build and enhance social housing sector.
A lot of thoughts and words were shared in that conference with all the participants, Mr. Beka too. His role in Housing and providing a shelter to those who need it, have had a big impact in Kosovo, his place. Even why, this case is still incomplete , a lot of places and stakeholders interested in this subject are doing their best to attract attention all over the region.
All regards goes too the leader of it, Mr. Doris Andoni, as the main moderator of conference and the general director of national Housing Agency in Tirana.

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