Regional Conference on ’Holistic Approach to Housing for Roma’

On 31- 1 July in Bar, city of Montenegro, by Regional Cooperation Council Roma Integration 2020, was organized the regional conference ‘’Holistic Approach to Housing for Roma’’. This conference was dedicated to State and municipal organisms and NGO sector coming from Western Balkan countries and Turkey.

NGO sector from Kosovo was represented by Agron Beka, executive director of the “Social Housing Property Rights in Kosovo (SHPRK). As a panel member his presentation and discussion were focused mostly on Draft Law for Treatment of the Construction without Permit. He presented the importance of the Law for Roma community and steps which need to be undertaken that the community is fully aware of their rights and obligations toward the law.

The Law perceived Creation the Pending List of all constructions which the owners cannot prove their property rights. This might be the best solution for Roma community who can address their problems and challenges to the municipality for gaining the proper documents for their properties. However, it is important that the Roma Community members MUST take part on the process by fulfilling the first condition of the Law which is Applying for legalization of their property.