Finalization of the practical work by SHPRK Young Lawyers

Barbara Rohmann, Director of OSCE Kosovo Mission’s Human Rights and Communities Department, and Agron Beka Executive Director of the SHPRK, delivered certificates today to the six law graduates who completed their OSCE-sponsored traineeship within government institutions.

The six-month program was designed to develop their professional capacities while supporting the daily work of the institutions. It also allowed students to acquire in-depth knowledge of practical issues related to the implementation of property law.

The programme was supported by the Mission and implemented together with NGO “Social Housing and Property Rights in Kosovo” (SHPRK).

Regional Conference on ’Holistic Approach to Housing for Roma’

On 31- 1 July in Bar, city of Montenegro, by Regional Cooperation Council Roma Integration 2020, was organized the regional conference ‘’Holistic Approach to Housing for Roma’’. This conference was dedicated to State and municipal organisms and NGO sector coming from Western Balkan countries and Turkey.

NGO sector from Kosovo was represented by Agron Beka, executive director of the “Social Housing Property Rights in Kosovo (SHPRK). As a panel member his presentation and discussion were focused mostly on Draft Law for Treatment of the Construction without Permit. He presented the importance of the Law for Roma community and steps which need to be undertaken that the community is fully aware of their rights and obligations toward the law.

The Law perceived Creation the Pending List of all constructions which the owners cannot prove their property rights. This might be the best solution for Roma community who can address their problems and challenges to the municipality for gaining the proper documents for their properties. However, it is important that the Roma Community members MUST take part on the process by fulfilling the first condition of the Law which is Applying for legalization of their property.

SHPRK started with new project: “Functional analysis of municipal and MESP capacities for the implementation of the Law on Treatment of Constructions Without Permit” the project is supported by USAID – PFD

For this functional analysis, SHPRK devoted a good part of the project to discovering best practices that were effective during the implementation of the first phase of legalization under the previous law, which identified and registered over 352,000 unpermitted constructions. These good practices, combined with an analysis of what will be needed under the terms of the new law, can be now be used by officials in all levels of government for the successful implementation of the next legalization phase as set forth in the anticipated new law.

The methodology used in this analysis is based on interviews, questionnaires, close-group meetings (focus groups) as well as organization of workshops involving all stakeholder groups.
The purpose of the report is to come to a definite conclusion on whether the abovementioned institutions have sufficient professional and technical capacity to implement the Law on Treatment of Unlicensed Constructions. Apart from assisting the Municipalities of Prishtinë / Priština and Graçanicë /Gračanica and MESP, this report will also serve as a guideline for the decision makers in other central level institutions and all municipalities involved in the implementation of the Law.
We hope that this report will be a practical guide for all stakeholders to prepare for the successful implementation of this important and transformative process.

“Housing for All “campaign of ‘Housing Europe’

On 3 October 2016, at Hotel Tirana International was held the conference ‘Housing for All’ campaign of ‘Housing Europe’, to discuss the role of Housing Organizations from South to North Europe.
Part of the conference was Mr. Agron Beka, the executive director of ‘Social Housing and Property Rights in Kosovo’ as a person who has a lot of experience in Housing and might bring his experience in Albania too.
The conference was planned in two parts. The first was concentrated on policies and actions needed at national and international levels to address housing problems. The second part will be conducted in a form of workshops and will address particular subjects with interest for the National Housing Agency of Albania and more broadly for countries that are looking to build and enhance social housing sector.
A lot of thoughts and words were shared in that conference with all the participants, Mr. Beka too. His role in Housing and providing a shelter to those who need it, have had a big impact in Kosovo, his place. Even why, this case is still incomplete , a lot of places and stakeholders interested in this subject are doing their best to attract attention all over the region.
All regards goes too the leader of it, Mr. Doris Andoni, as the main moderator of conference and the general director of national Housing Agency in Tirana.

Property and Social Housing / Prona dhe banimi social – TV RTK 05/11/2015

You can watch the interview here:

New SHPRK project: You can Provide Shelter too!

Homelessness is a very large problem that Kosovo has come to face with. Therefore, should be acknowledged and treated adequately. Is outrageous that an overall statistic shows over 17.000 families have not adequate shelter. Therefore, our organization Social Housing and Property Rights in Kosovo (SHPRK) intent to provide as well as to ensure 100 families a sufficient accommodation during the winter season, to reduce their concern about living conditions. The motto of our project is “You can provide shelter too”. The project is supported by government as well as business institutions. However, the Board will come with new initiative is needed. The total amount that should  be collected for the project is 45.000Euro.To make more comprehensible every family necessitate, 450 Euro are essential to pay the rent for three months.

Our campaign is going to be supported by businesses in two methods.         Campaign has printed stickers which will be distributed to production companies; hence, they may promote themselves as well as their products. These packages are going to be sold for reasonable price. Business markets are going to sell the stickers to their customers for amount of 50 cent and metallic pins for 1 euro. The sell will be reordered on the fiscal coupon and the business will not be charged with VAT. Furthermore, all the staff involved into the project will work voluntarily and with no per diem. The campaign has planned colorful activities including promotions on Tv, Radio, Magazines etc. Everyone can who donate 450Euro will be invited to be part of Board.  Monitoring is going to be carried out by the People’s Advocate Institution, whereas the audit by ACA company.

SHPRK Executive Director interview for public TV RTK on 17 March 2015

You can watch the interview here:

Our Executive’s Directory interview on March 11, 2015 for “DAN”, “JEDRO”,”Dnevne Novine”, “Pobjeda” and “Večernje Novosti” newspapers

Agron Beka on March 11, 2015 for  “DAN”, “JEDRO”,”Dnevne Novine”, “Pobjeda” and “Večernje Novosti” says “the project and the organization is active until June of this year, with the possibility that the activity may be extended thereafter.” Beka appeals to all displaced persons whose cases for restitution of the property rights are not resolved or have difficulties to restore their property in Kosovo may call at +386 49882666 (in Kosovo) and 068 275 701 (Montenegro)

Property Rights of the RAE community in Roma Mahalla-Mitrovica

This project is supported and financed by Danish Refugee Council (DRC) The project’s aim is “give to the community opportunity for better understandings of the property rights and available mechanisms for protection/achieving their property rights…

NATO Public Diplomacy Division

On 29 and 30 October 2009 Agron Beka, ED of SHPRK, as part of Kosovo delegation visited the NATO HQ (political and military section.
The visit was organized by KFOR in Kosovo and its purpose was to get more information about the NATO and their future plans for Kosovo.