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She never left the car, even to catch up with her friends

Though sterling has seen a full five cents knocked off its value against the dollar in the past week as concerns over Scotland have mounted, some said that in the event of a vote, it would fall further. Dollar, Swiss Franc, British pound and Euro bank notes, taken in Warsaw January 26, 2011. Picture taken January 26.

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After regular educations, if only they’d want them, they could

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Interest rate futures were showing Canada Goose Parka about a

Wrt. Numerical computing, I been surprised about how many scientists use REPL style development (like Jupyter, or interactive IDEs) as their main tool, and Julia is pretty well suited to make that possible even for GPU development. Things like redefining kernels or dependent functions, calling kernels with differently typed arguments, switching execution to devices with different properties, all of which triggering some form of compilation.

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And know that I may never have that opportunity again

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