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There are still people like this at 16 18. I can say this as a 16 year old. Most kids my age literally repeat alt right garbage so that they can be feel kewl. I am mostly just looking for a place to unwind (as you put it), hang out with good people, and maybe attend some social events. I also feel I would miss out on a part of the student experience if I never got to be a member of an association.Do you think de Koornbeurs fits what I am looking for?You mentioned that some are willing to speak English at de Koornbeurs, but in your honest opinion, do you think it would be possible for an English speaker to feel included there?Well, first of all, you always welcome to come check it out at your leisure. We also an open cafe during the week (except for Wednesday which is members night) so from 18:30 until 1 you can come in and have a beer (or soda, specialbeer, mix drinks, coffee, w/e you get the drift :p).

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Maryland needs to undertake a thorough and rigorous

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It is, however, growing fast

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Reverby’s discovery of this awful chapter in the history of

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